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The twins walked into their next class. ______ was there again. The twins glanced at each other deciding what to do, but they relaxed a bit when they realized Haruhi was in this class too.
"It seems _____ has the same classes as us..." Hikaru mumbled. He ducked his head a little as if he didn't want anyone else but Kaoru to hear.
"Seems so. But Haruhi is in all of them except English too, so it doesn't matter," Kaoru replied cautiously.
They hoped to plan how to take down _____ without having to talk to her all day. They realized that the less she knew about them, the harder it would be when it came time for the game...
The Hitachiins were in luck. Haruhi and ______ made small talk throughout the rest of the day. Hikaru was too busy plotting details, but Kaoru had a weird feeling about the way that _____ kept talking to Haruhi. Did _____ have a crush on Haruhi? Some girls at school did after all, since they didn't know that Haruhi was a girl... Kaoru was a little concerned about it, but had to push his thoughts to the side for more plotting.

"Are the twins okay? They seem to be a little shadier than usual..." _____ said worriedly.
Haruhi smiled. "Aw, don't worry about them. They might just be trying to decide on how to beat you in the bet!"
_____ frowned. Did it really mean that much to the twins if I lost this stupid game or not? "So, no one can really tell them apart? Is that why they find it so surprising?" she asked Haruhi.
Haruhi glanced at the twins thoughtfully. "Well... I can. I guess it's an accomplishment, but it really isn't that hard if you take out the part about their identical looks. They are two separate people after all."
"Yeah... But no one ever wins this game, do they?" ____ inquired.
Haruhi shook her head. "Nope. I'd also say that it would certainly be noticed by some of the other students if you could tell them apart," she suddenly put her hands up apologetically, "But I don't mean to scare you about this! I'm just saying that people will be asking you how you can tell them a part and you might get more dirty looks from girls if they realize that you are a bit closer to the twins than they are. Girls here are just possessive like that..."
_____ looked out the window in thought. "So it's strange to be able to tell them a part... And they really seem upset by this..." she thought. She watched the twins talk quietly from the corner of her eye. She smiled and her __e/c__ eyes softened. "Interesting bunch those two are..."

The rest of the day flew by, and Haruhi and _____ talked throughout most of it. The last half of the day, _____ started asking Haruhi about her life. Haruhi noticed that _____ stayed away from the subject of her mother and only asked questions about her father.
"Does she already know about my mom, or is she just avoiding mom questions because her mom is in the hospital?" Haruhi shook her head. She wouldn't ask.
Kaoru also watched them carefully. He was still a little worried about _____'s feelings for Haruhi, and they seemed to be getting close. Hikaru had to keep shoving his brother, so that he would focus. They had decided upon this: they would act even more the same as usually. From walking into the host club, until the game was over they would act totally and undeniably the same. Almost like robots. Hikaru would slip up once and say something that would sound like Kaoru, but they would both pretend not to notice. Then when the game came, they would just do what they usually do and see if ____ could still tell them apart. They wanted their new toy and they wanted to test her skills to their full extent.
They walked quickly to the Host Club after school. They didn't even wait for Haruhi. They had at least thirty minutes before the Club started and _____ arrived. That would give them time to clear the deal with Kyoya and Tamaki, but they were pretty sure that they would already say that the bet would be okay.
The twins arrived at the door and rushed in quickly to make preparations. "Boss! Kyoya! We have to ask you something!" the twins called out.
The King of the Host Club looked over from his couch, and Kyoya peered over his glasses at them.
"What is it?" Kyoya asked suspiciously.
"We made a bet with a new girl that she couldn't guess which one of us was which, and if she loses she has to be our personal servant for a day," Hikaru started.
"We just wanted you to be aware when we start acting weird when she walks in," Kaoru finished.
"So don't say anything that will give us away!" they shouted together.
Kyoya wore his signature frown and returned to his black book. "Fine. Just don't let the customers get too upset by this. Hold on a second..." he looked up, his glasses flashing, "You say she's new?"
The twins glanced at each other in confusion. They shrugged and nodded to Kyoya.
Kyoya pursed his lips. "Hmm... I was not aware. How unusual..."
The twins blinked, but ignored him. They turned to Tamaki. "So...?"
"YOU CAN'T JUST DEMAND A PRINCESS TO FALL TO SERVITUDE ON A BET!!! You devils!!!! You can't do that to a lovely lady!" the king cried dramatically. He pointed a finger angrily at the twins.
The twins smirked at each other. They really only needed permission from Kyoya. Asking Tamaki was just something that they had to do, but regardless of his response, they were still going through with it. The Hitachiins were actually quite happy with his reaction. The more reaction, the better in their eyes.
They zoomed around the room to the dressing rooms. They changed clothes into identical clothing (just in case there were spots on their uniforms that she could use to tell them apart) and put on their hats. They stepped out and mirrored each other perfectly; fixing their ties at the same moment and using their arms accordingly to create the illusion of a mirror. They reflected each other's grins. _____ would surely lose this game!
"Hey, you two! GET BACK HERE! You can't just make an innocent Princess do this! Where are you devils!?!?" Tamaki cried after them as they finished their little mirroring session.
"Uh-oh. Gotta run!" they cried together. They sprinted out the door with the King of the Host Club right on their tails. The twins laughed menically as he chased them through the halls.
"Looks like we are going have to get rid of the Boss first, eh Kaoru?" Hikaru commented.
"Seems like it!"
They ran through the school, trying to lose the obnoxious King.

______ walked up the stairs to the Third Music room. She looked out one of the giant windows for a while, admiring the view. Such a beautiful landscaping job... She shook her head and made her way back to the room. She checked her watch. According to the other girls, Host Club didn't start for another thirty-two minutes. That gave her plenty of time for what she was planning...
She pushed open the doors. Smells of tea, cake, and roses filled her lungs as she stepped inside the bright room carefully. She looked around. There were several tables and couches set up all across the room for the guest's entertainment. Not a single musical instrument in sight... How ironic.
"The club doesn't start for thirty-one more minutes. Please come back when we open," someone said.
_______'s eyes rested on a black haired, dark eyed boy scribbling away in a book. The glare on his glasses hid his eyes, so she couldn't tell if he was watching her or not. He smiled slightly, but it seemed a little fake.
"Sorry, but I'm here to meet Hikaru and Kaoru. Is that okay?" she asked nicely.
Kyoya looked up. "Ah, you're the new girl? Of course. I have no idea where they went too, but please just sit down anywhere..." he gestured to one of the tables, then went back to writing.
"Thank you, Monsieur Ootori," _____ thanked as she bowed slightly.
His head snapped up again. "Do I know you?" he asked with no emotion.
"We met once, at a party. I don't suppose you would remember me, though. It was a fairly long time ago, and I'm sure you find me just as uninteresting now," she said in a light tone, but the words were almost icy.
Kyoya frowned, and he was a little mad that he didn't remember who this was. "Did I offend you?"
"No, but I can't stand people who put on fake smiles and just go along with charming important business-men's daughters just because their own fathers have told them too. Your smile is about as fake now as it was then, but I'm not angry about it," she explained as she absent-mindedly made her way across the room to a seat.
Kyoya smirked. "How observant. I don't believe I caught your name Miss...?"
"_______  ________. I'm afraid, however, that there will not be any record of me for your little notebook there," she said with a bored tone.
Kyoya peered at her again from the corner of his eyes, a frown playing on his lips. "And just how do you know what I put in this little black book?"
"If you're writing down things I'm saying and asking me questions like 'What is your name' when you don't really care about my name, it's not that difficult to figure out. Besides, I didn't get in here with a scholarship for no reason," she retorted dryly.
Kyoya thought about her last comment. She said they had met before at a party and that his father had wanted to him to charm her... Therefore she's not poor, but then she mentions a scholarship. Thus implying that she didn't want to pay for it... Was she making the party up? Could she just have heard about him from other students? Kyoya stopped trying to decide and flipped his book closed, admitting defeat with dignity.
"How clever of you Miss ______. I must say that you have indeed impressed me on our second meeting, and I pray that I remember you soon yes?" he rambled elegantly.
She looked at him in the corner of her eye, frowning slightly. She didn't say anything.
Thankfully, the twins arrived to break the awkwardness. Kyoya smirked and reopened his book. This little bet would be interesting... Just how clever was she for the Hitachiins to go to such lengths to get her to lose, eh? How amusing to watch...

The rest of the club trickled in when the twins did. The twins seemed a little out of breath, but they were recovering quickly. Haruhi came in behind them, asking if they were okay. Two others came in that she didn't recognize. One was very tall and had dark features. He was extremely quiet. On his back was a small looking boy with blond hair and gold eyes, laughing and cheering about cake. _______ cocked her head to the side watching the little boy on the taller one's back. How cute.  
The twins looked up and saw _______ sitting in a chair. They recovered from their run immediately. "Helloooooooo ________!" they sang loudly in unison.
"Hi guys!" she waved cheerily.
"Hey Haru-chan, who's this?" the small boy asked.
Haruhi looked up at the boy. "Oh, right. You haven't met _____. _______, this is Mori-senpai and Honey-senpai. Guys, this is _____ ______. She transferred into school this morning."
Honey leapt off of Mori's back. "Hi ______! Would you like to eat some cake with me?" he asked cutely.
_______ blinked at him. She could tell that he was older than he looked. Let's see... She hadn't seen him all day, so he couldn't be a First year... Second year? She looked to Mori. He looked to be a Third year, so she assumed the same for Honey. She snapped out of her thoughts with a gasp. "Oh, sorry! I was just thinking... Um, I would love to, but I have to finish a bet with Hikaru and Kaoru. Is that okay?"
"Okay! What's the bet?" he asked curiously.
"Well... Hikaru and Kaoru said that if I could guess which one was which after school, then they would take me shopping. It's just a silly bet. No big deal," she waved it off.
"YOU can tell the difference between Hika-chan and Kao-chan?" he said in an amazed tone.
_______'s heart sank. So it was a big deal? "Err... It's not that big of a deal is it?" she asked worriedly.
"Only Haru-chan can tell them apart!" Honey exclaimed in his high voice.
"Honey-senpai... I think you're making her worried..." Haruhi warned him.
Honey blinked. "Oh! Sorry! Well, don't feel bad if you get it wrong! Do you're best!"
_____ wasn't all that worried if she got it wrong... She was more worried about the attention if she got it right... But then again, the twins couldn't be told apart by anyone but Haruhi. Isn't that a bit lonely? _____ didn't know what to do...
YAY! Part 2!!! Sorry if it's a little shorter than the first one, but if was just such a perfect place to leave off! I'm already working on part 3, and I'm sorry I didn't put it in sooner!!!!

If you read my other stories, I'm working on them too! So don't worry =D

I don not own the characters or picture used above.....

Part 3- [link]
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